Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Network Forensic Tool Developed By Malaysia Researcher

I’m delighted to know that a Malaysian researcher has developed a network forensic tool called the Forensic Analysis and Discovery System (FADS). The research interest in this field has grown from year to year in Malaysia and I hope more products will prevail in the future.

According to the The Star Online today (, Dr Aman a senior lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia had applied to patent the system last month and it is expected to hit the market by the end of the year.

From my past experience, it is also good for this product to go for computer forensic tool testing e.g. by NIST so that a third party could test the said tool.

This is important when the expert witness/digital forensics analyst is being questioned in the court of law.

The work conducted must be forensically sound (

The tools used must be forensically sound too.

Also, if possible Dr Aman can share it with the digital forensics practitioner for the tool to be tested in the real world of digital investigations/operations.

It is good to get some feedback in addition to the test conducted at their facility.

But this depends entirely on their plan.

Once again, congratulations!