Monday, 30 July 2012

CCTV Forensics in Malaysia

Last month (12 June 2012), I’ve posted that I’m gonna devise An Analytical Framework for Digital CCTV Forensics and Data Recovery as part of my research. Please refer to the link below if you hadn’t read before.

This idea came as part of my years of experience on the ground as a practitioner in digital forensics. Please refer below link if you want to know about me…not personality or whatsoever…hahaha…but for my work and contribution in digital forensics especially in Malaysia.

And yesterday, I’ve read an online article by Nicholas Cheng on “More homes with CCTVs now”. Fyi, Nicholas works with The Star, the famous and biggest circulation of newpaper in Malaysia. Below is the link if you wish to read further and I’m adding an excerpt of it.

“PETALING JAYA: Concern over house break-ins have led an increasing number of middle-income urbanites to install closed-circuit television that allows them to observe what is going on in their homes even when they are away.
Security equipment distributors said most of their customers are middle- income people living in terrace houses, condominiums and flats who pay between RM3,000 and RM10,000 to install a default package of eight cameras, a television set and a DVR recorder.
Market prices for CCTV cameras range from RM150 to RM600 a unit. A basic DVR recording device costs around RM1,500.
Checks by The Star showed that homeowners usually had CCTV cameras installed in the porch, side and back areas, living room, kitchen, stairs and bedrooms.”

Well, I’ve seen it earlier, you’ve got some CCTV solutions but who’s gonna process it so that the digital video with timestamps could be accepted as an exhibit in the court of law.

Of course we need the CCTV as a solution but it is not enough if the video file extracted is not forensically sound and according to legal requirement/proceeding.

We need a CCTV forensics framework, isn’t it?

Think about it.

Ps: The picture of this post was taken from CyberSecurity Malaysia e-security bulletin.