Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Publication of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Research Paper

Dear fellow Malaysian digital forensic and cyber security researchers,

I have to say that I’m proud with some of your work. I know this development because I’m reviewing some of your papers (i.e., thanks to UKM for inviting me).

If you plan to do a research (or already doing it), I’m interested to work with you and publish/present paper at local or international conferences (such as IFIP Working Group 11.9 Digital Forensics).


In fact, some of you have been communicating with me.

I hope to be back in Malaysia (and CyberSecurity Malaysia) soon and perhaps we could plan something in the future.

Most probably, I’m able to contribute and share my experience as a reviewer (thanks to ARES for inviting me a few times) and author.

Also, to my colleagues from other countries, I’m interested to work with you as well.