Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ten Information Warfare Trends

Knapp et al. [1] wrote on the cyber warfare trends. He said society is relying on the IT and exposed to diversity of potential attacks. This notation is true and his research work proposed an information warfare framework that contains the ten trends to promote a greater understanding of the growing cyber threat facing the commercial environment.

Information Warfare Characteristic
1. Computer related security incidents reported to CERT/CC - incidents increase yearly
2. Entry barriers for cyber attackers - at present low barrier
3. Forms of cyber-weapons - high availability
4. Nations with information warfare programs - most probably more than 30 nations
5. Economic dependency on information infrastructures - heavy dependency
6. Primary target in information conflicts - increasingly private targets
7. Cyber technology use in perception management - ubiquitous, global multi-media
8. Cyber technology use in corporate espionage - substantial & increasing
9. Cyber technology use in organized crime - substantial & increasing
10. Cyber technology use against individuals & small businesses - substantial & increasing

From the above facts, this is really alarming even though we have put some much effort in mitigating it.

Through my research…I found that we are so vulnerable!
There are so many incidences that I could cite…and there is no instance the trend is going to decrease.

[1] K.J.Knapp and W.R.Boulton. “Ten Information Warfare Trends,” in Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism, L.J.Janczewski and M. Colarik, Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2008, pp. 17-25.