Sunday, 25 December 2011

Want to learn web hacking? Anonymous?

Before you want to learn about web hacking, it is important to gain the knowledge of the web technology first. In web development there are few things that you must consider such as follows.
1) Web server – Apache or IIS
2) Domain name
3) Web hosting/IP
4) Web programming and scripting – HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java Script, CSS, XML and all .Net framework
5) Database - MySQL
6) Network, FTP, URL, HTTP and SSL
7) Multimedia files – JPEG, GIF, PNG and etc

These are the technical knowledge you must gain before involving yourself as web administrator or developer. But bear in mind technology is evolving fast and perhaps there could be some new technologies around as we move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Now, the same knowledge can be use for hacking though. By writing this posting it is by no means to promote web hacking but to educate people on how to defend your system. It depends on the individual to use their knowledge for good or bad.

1) Hacking web server – nothing is perfect in this world. So, any technologies developed could inherently have some kind of vulnerabilities. E.g. buffer overflows.
2) Web application – cross side scripting.
3) Password cracking – weak authentication.
4) SQL injection – to gain access.
5) Session hijacking – spoofing or man in the middle attack.

Just YouTube 1-5 you’ll get the information you need.