Thursday, 17 November 2011

Do we need a digital forensics standard?

Why cyber crime is rising every each year and how do we solve this predicament especially those involving cross border.

What is the fundamental reason?

It could be no standardize digital forensics procedures accepted by the world. It has been a limitation in prosecuting a case involving digital evidence without a standard.

Each country has different legislative making the international standard development of digital forensics process unattainable but necessary. It will help the legal proceeding of a case between two countries if the standard available.

The digital forensics procedures in principle consist of identification, preservation, recovery, analysis and presentation of digital evidence. Slay, et al. [1] attempted to refine the principle and provided a review of the development of principles, procedures, models, guides and standards. It is to assert high quality and trustworthy foundations for the development of advice for the court and as a pointer towards a broader agenda for academic researchers.

This article was a novel piece of work because there is no standard in digital forensics process. The study by Slay including the references cited by her can be supportive documentations in the court of law.

It is timely for digital forensics and ISO communities to take charge of this matter. The technology is moving fast but not the legal/standard realm. Investigation, prosecution and combating cyber crime will be dampened.

[1] J.Slay, YC.Lin, B.Turnbull, J.Becket and P.Lin. “Towards a Formalization of Digital Forensics.” The Advances in Digital Forensics V, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, vol. 306, pp. 37, 2009.