Sunday, 23 October 2011

Digital Forensics: The matrimony between technical and legal realms

Digital forensics or cyber security can’t do away with legal requirements.  It is a must in digital forensics whereby everything you do must abide to legal proceeding.  For a techie guy, most probably it is cumbersome to process a technical subject according to a stipulated process.  It can be aggravating to these geeks.

However, you are liable to scrutiny when you appear in the court of law.  If you are not well prepared, you can be grilled by either the prosecution or defense attorney depending on which side you are.  Of course you need to avoid this or totally discard your digital forensics profession altogether.  So you must buck up with a reasonable SOP.

Apart from SOP, a digital forensics analyst must be well versed with their country cyber laws.  In Malaysia we have several acts that fall under cyber laws as follows.

-         Evidence Act 1993, to allow the admission of electronic evidence
-         Computer Crime Act 1997, to criminalize certain forms of conduct targeted at computers
-         Communication and Multimedia Act 1998
-         And many more…