Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Digital Forensics PhD or Permanent Head Damage and 5,126 Failures!

My intention is not to discourage people from pursuing their study at PhD level but sincerely to advise them.

Some may say researcher or scientist experience much failure than success.  Well, this is true. Failure is the next step to success. Go to this link and read about Sir James Dyson, very interesting.

Sometimes you may be very demotivated. As such, take note of the points below before you decide to go for the PhD.

-         You must be PASSIONATE about the research subject…don’t let your supervisor decide for you.
-         You must have funding, equipment and good data sets.
-         You must get knowledgeable supervisor or at least who could understand you well.
-         You yourself must be knowledgeable in the subject area.
-         You must be doing something important and significant.
-         You must plan to start earlier and not only thinking of it in the 3 years.
-         Last but not least, above all, your work must be original and new. In other words, you must INNOVATE.

This is a good book to read.