Monday, 17 October 2011

Digital Forensics Metamorphosis - Expert Witness

The above title is interesting isn't?

Please let me refer to the StarOnline news on Aminulrasyid Case: Cop Guilty of Causing Death dated 16 September 2011

I’m not going to delve into the case but to share on one of the judge rulings. The judge was quoted “The court respects him for his experience but agrees with the prosecution that he is not an expert witness. His testimony is based on his experience and not expertise”. The expert witness was Mr. Amidon Anan, a former forensics lab chief of the police crime scene investigation unit. He was undisputable during his tenure at PDRM.

What is the lesson learned? The reality and expectation of an expert witness has changed. The legal and forensics realm have evolved too, to meet the demand of today’s community. It is anticipated more to come in the near future. We have excelled in digital forensics as practitioner. Is this enough in time to come? 

Many of the world best digital forensics practitioners are also world best digital forensics researchers such as Michael Cohen, Simson Garfinkel and Brian Carrier. These people are Digital Forensics Gurus who developed tools (PyFlag, Autopsy & etc). 

Are we able to stand tall among them? We need to think! It is time to change!