Friday, 21 October 2011

Innovation in Digital Forensics

Before I joined CyberSecurity Malaysia sometime in year 2003, I was working at MIMOS (MYSEM, semiconductor division) -  I was amazed with MIMOS achievement and the most intriguing part was its motto “Innovation for Life”.

In Digital Forensics, most probably the number of practitioners is more than the researchers. Or a practitioner may also be a researcher. Doing both tasks might be too heavy to carry. However, a researcher is always associated with innovation.

Talking about innovation, I have great respect for the work done by Jesse Kornblum, Kris Kendall and Nick Mikus on their Foremost program. Also, Golden G. Richard III has improved file carving called Scalpel.

This is what I called innovators and what’s most important they share their expertise.

Thank you guys.