Friday, 20 January 2012

Are we addicted to Facebook? Most probably!

Quite interesting topic isn’t it? Suddenly on the eve of Chinese New Year The StarOnline (20 January 2012) wrote about Facebook.
1) Disconnected from real life
2) Hooked on Facebook
3) Bosses face problem with workers wasting time on FB

I’m sure some may agree and other quarters would disagree. Well, human being thinking is complicated and as a matured person (educated and etc) you have the liberty to make your own decision on what to say and what not to say on Facebook…and how much time you spend commenting or writing on your “wall”

I seem to agree on the above findings and have some empirical facts on it. Also, posted write-ups on Facebook.

Think deeply about this issue and I’m sure your subconscious mind will tell you the answer.

Whatever it is...Facebook is awesome and you must use it wisely!