Wednesday, 25 January 2012

iPhones Sales - The late Steve Jobs must be very happy!

If Steve is still around, he must be a very happy man. Why?

More than 37 million iPhones were sold! This is really amazing.
128% increase over the first fiscal quarter of 2011.

Not only iPhone but iPad and Mac sales are doing fine as well.

This performance is due to the product itself. A good product that touches everyone heart. It is worth more than a phone…with state of the art applications…and sometimes it can also be a trend, prestige and list may go on and on…

But let’s us see what’s coming after this…coz I guess the performance of Apple to date is due to Steve’s legacy.

Of course, it is not a one man job but I still believe in any success we need an extra ordinary leader that could guide extremely talented followers.

For more info on Apple’s business performance, please refer to this url;content.