Saturday, 28 January 2012

CyberSecurity Malaysia warns against phishers on Twitter

Please take note of this important notification by CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Whenever you receive any message or email, please double check for its authenticity.

Fake websites look so REAL! Please be suspicious and cautious!

CyberSecurity Malaysia warns against phishers on Twitter
(TheStar Online 28 January 2012).

PETALING JAYA: If you receive a tweet from someone you know, saying that some people are talking bad about you on a particular website, watch out. It's likely to be an attempt to glean your Twitter account login, password and personal details.

Whatever you do, do not go to the site that's listed in the tweet.

CyberSecurity Malaysia has confirmed that this is a phishing attack.
Phishers are unscrupulous people, who try to trick Internet users into revealing the details of their online accounts.

In this case, clicking on the link in the tweet will take you to what looks like a Twitter log-in screen.

A message will then pop up telling you that your Twitter session has timed out, asking you to log-in again.

“The phishers are mimicking Twitter's URL with the address and we found that the site is being hosted in China,” CyberSecurity Malaysia said.

The phishing site will also redirect users to Twitter's actual app authentication site at to dupe users into thinking that the earlier site is legitimate.

If the phisher gets your log-in and password, he can hijack your Twitter account and personal information.

He will also have access to the people you follow or who follow you.