Saturday, 14 January 2012

It is a sad day for Google, Facebook and Twitter!

Do you know that netizens shared too much information over the social networking? What is the reason behind it? Have you got an answer?

According to TheStar Online on 14 January 2012, 75% respondents agreed on the above phenomena. This study was done by McCann Truth Central, the global thought leadership unit of McCann.(

Why is this happening? Their personal information is all over the “wall”. Are the netizens lonely? Isn’t there something else better to do?

Well, this behavioral may be good or bad depending on one’s perspective. There is no right or wrong. But things will get soured if they are involved in a “tragedy”.

Tragedy means monetary lost due to internet lover, scams and etc. Some have committed suicide because they are ashamed of those words being posted in the cyber world. To make things worst, let me ask you one simple question, can you delete it?

So, who should be responsible here? Google, Facebook or Twitter?

However, in separate news, India government agrees to prosecute Facebook and Google. (

Oh my god…what happened (and I don’t want to comment here, lack of details)?

According to the sources, a case over obscene content posted online. The charges are fomenting religious hatred and spreading social discord.

But, in the US, Michelle Obama joins Twitter revolution for her husband‘s reelection campaign. She has quickly snapped up tens of thousands of Twitter followers. 80,000 followers in a few hours! (President Obama followers are close to 12 million). Isn’t this amazing?

From the above, we can see two sides of the coin. What is the conclusion? Are we civilized netizens? Is Google, Facebook and Twitter bad? I think you have the answer …