Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Full Fledge Digital Forensics Analyst

I think analyzing volatile data is very interesting. There is a lot of stuff you can discover during the analysis. The best part is password recovery. And, you can do it on both systems – Windows and Linux. The basic principle is about the same.

Some of the things that you can analyze are as follows:
1) Memory dump
2) Running processes
3) Timestamps
4) Network connections
5) Users and many more…to detect anomaly…e.g. rootkit and virus

Apart from the above, you can carry the normal forensics works such as disk and network analysis. Then you can continue with file analysis or famously known as malware forensics. With all these technical capabilities, you can upgrade your skills to conduct analysis on mobile devices, applications and some other electronics devices.

I’ve stress on the importance to grasp the knowledge on operating systems and hardware design. These are the trades you need to become a full-fledged and gud Digital Forensics Analyst. Of course programming skill would be an added advantage.